I Help People 40s, 50s and 60s

Maintain the Active, Energetic, Country Lifestyle They Love!

 Avoid Being Dependent on Painkillers, Slowing Down Your Pace, and Missing Those Special Events in Life!

 Stay Safely in Your Own Home Until Your 70s, 80s, and 90s
  Avoid Falls, Fractures, And Losing Your Independence!

Get Access To One Of My Free Breakthrough Reports
Follow The Advice… To Start Making Progress!


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Welcome RESTORED Therapy

and Wellness Solutions

As a health care consumer, you have a choice of who you see for treatment. I am pleased to be your local physical therapy provider. I am a privately owned physical therapy practice committed to serve the surrounding communities of Manton and Shingletown.


  • Treatments done in your home
  • Personal attention of a physical therapist
  • Educational sessions to empower you in better understanding your condition
  • Wholistic approach to health
  • I care!

How can I help you? Are you in need of immediate attention? Grab a copy of a FREE Tips report to begin getting on your way to harnessing your pain, staying active and keeping your independence.


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